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Crisis team!

I finally got somewhere today.

I’ve been struggling and they agreed to give me some prn so I can try and control the panic attacks and anxiety.

I’m getting myself in to such a state!

I need to get control of this.

I took some 💊 diazepam this evening and that helped.

I’m trying to plan things to do over the next 3 weeks on lock down!

I’m going to try to accomplish things I’ve half started!

I’m going to embrace this time in my life to achieve things.

So extra diazepam has helped so far tonight. I just need to try and keep myself safe for a bit longer.

I think I’m starting to make good decisions, I called the crisis team for help, I took prn and I’m going to keep busy!

At the moment I’ve got this, things can only get better, right?

Hope your all keeping well and looking after yourself.

💕I’m here for you all💕

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Swallowing trouble … is it anxiety?

I’ve had a problem swallowing (mainly food) for a while now, it fluctuates. Sometimes I can swallow fine and other times I’m chocking.

Is it anxiety or is there something wrong?

I don’t feel like there is anything stopping the food other than swallowing the food. I do panic and try to cough the food back up.

Any ideas?

My doctor knows but isn’t sure what it is.

I did have anorexia a while back but in recovery from that. Although I still want to watch my weight and food.

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Okay freaking out!!!!

The fire alarm is going off. And I’m doing a blog post!

It’s gone off now but I can’t see where it was coming from. It was a neighbours alarm. And it smells of bacon, And no one else is leaving there flat? Is it okay?

I think so, I’m calming down now, I’ve got the cat boxes out and they are okay.

It made me not able to catch my breath, and my inhaler has ran out. Found one but I guess I should contact my doctor, although I don’t want to communicate with anyone who can section, or hurt me. I’m keeping the power! I can’t give them any information about me and what’s going on.

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Panic attack. 

Yesterday I decided I wasn’t going to take my morning medication, I truely didn’t think it would have much or any effect.

But it did, I went out to my sisters to drop something off, she lived a minute away from me. I couldn’t stop shaking. I was freezing but sweating, felt sick and could feel my breathing getting harder and hard to take a breath. 

I used my inhaler to help control my breathing but I could stop the shaking and shivering and sweating.

I did decide to take my night time disease. And I had a little longer sleep this morning than normal but I kinda feel back to normal. 

I’ve still got the voices and bad thoughts going through my head but I can’t do much to control that. 

Hope you have a good day. X 

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Guess what this means…

I managed to do it, I got out the flat. I went to my local shop, on my own! I did it. I haven’t done that in years. I was scared the whole time, nearly fainted multiple times, because of my anxiety, breathing and shaking. I’m still in shock. I can’t believe I’ve done it.