31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 26- Dream or Perfect life

I would be well, no illnesses!

My life would happy and healthy.

I would have a good relationship with my family, I would have friends and a good job.

I would live in a nice home with my cats, that would never be able to die, so I wouldn’t have to be without them. I’d have Dylan, and I would wake up in the morning and have no voices and no bad thoughts. I’d then go and get breakfast without needing to take medication to get me through the day. I would be in the healthy weight range but thin and look good. I’d have no scars. I’d still have my tattoos and piercings. I’d feel good, I would be confident and outgoing. I’d like to be known for helping people and loving everyone. I’d have no enemy’s, I would have a job I enjoy and that helps people. And come home, make a healthy meal, and be able to go to sleep without medication. I would feel no suspicion, and not be anxious. I would not harm myself and I would be loving to myself. I’d have beautiful long purple hair.

Mental health

Motivation of the perfect life