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I actually made dinner from scratch…

Quorn chicken pieces

Lasagna sheets

Vegetables, corn, courgette, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots,

Tinned tomato

Lasagna sauce


Quorn veggie lasagna!

Very young, and healthy.

The photo doesn’t do it justice!

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My bbq Easter meal.

This was my meal on Easter Monday.

I had home made coleslaw without onions!

Salad, pasta, quorn sausage.

It was really yummy, most of the hot food was cooked on the bbq.

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I’m awful at making decisions, I swing to the two extremes. There’s no grey area. It’s all or nothing. 

So I’ve been thinking about how physically unwell I am at the moment and how and what can I do to help myself feel better. 

So I can take iron supplements to help with my low iron and anemia or harm more, the two extremes. 

So the plan is to make smaller changes I’m going to start with my diet, I only really eat dinner and even then I don’t eat a lot. So I’m going to see if there are dinners that are healthy but still no meat, I do have five vegetables with dinner but they are always the same ones. 

So I’ve got to find healthy vegetarian meals that I will attempt to eat more of.