Mental health

Old friend

I haven’t see this friend in years and now she wants to stay at mine. I’m so scare what should I do.

When we were friends I was anorexic and now Im over weight. I haven’t sent her since we were in school, which was 4 years ago, and she left to go back to Manchester, and I wasn’t able to get to say good bye. I hated and that’s why i so worried about seeing her.

I know that she isn’t a judgmental but im more worried that i dont know what to wear. She suggested we could go to down clubbing, i havent been clubbing. How do i do this.

Help me. What should i do?

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 19- Meaningful song

I have a lot of meaningful songs. Music is constantly helping me. I listen to music so much. I have songs that represent the time or life I’m living. They all have deeper meanings for me.

But currently one song that is meaningful and inspiring is “I am here” by pink.

It talks about being here and asking the bigger question “where do we go, when we go” to me this means when we die where do we go. This is an important question to me as I hope and pray when I die I can be reunited with my nan and meet my brother. I hope this place is heaven.