Mental health

Supporting Mind.

I’ve been supporting Mind the charity for the first month of 2018, by running everyday and asking family and friends to sponsor me.

I’m near to £100 so I think I’m doing great.

My plan is to carry on running for the second month of 2018. It’s the 1st February 2018, I’m planning on running and get som fresh air.

I’m feeling motivated. It will benefit me and the charity Mind.

Mental health

RED. Runs every day for Mind.

January 2018 I ran every day for raising money for mind, a mental health charity.

My sponsor ship money is nearly at my target of £100.

I’m planning on running every day this February 2018 as well.

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Trying to go to the gym.

I’ve been trying to go to the gym, when I go I feel good and it feels brilliant to be getting the endorphins from exercise. I never regret going to the gym, I just regret not going.

I keep finding excuses, or I drink alcohol.

That’s what I’m fighting right now. I’ve put on weight and I feel low and bad, I want to go to the gym tonight, but I’m expecting a delivery and I really want to drink the alcohol so I can say it’s all gone. Plus alcohol in the short term would make me feel better.

I will get to the gym but I need motivation, if my weight gain isn’t enough motivation, I don’t know what will.

How do you motivate yourself?

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Marathon letter

Today I did my first marathon letter to a charity that’s very close to my heart.

I was asking them if I can run the Marathon on there behalf and then raise money for them. I see this as a massive challenge but one I’m really determined to do. 

I know there’s such a slim chance I will be chosen but I’m going to put all my effort in.

It was very emotional writing the letter, as I wrote about personal events in my life that has been helped and supported with the NHS services, and why I want to run on there behalf. 

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Signed up to do the marathon.

I was meant to post this on the 1st of may but I keep putting it off. I’m not sure why. 

I signed up to the London marathon for next year. I’m very unfit and feeling really unwell at the moment. But the plan is by this time next year I can run a marathon. 

I need to have a training plan. And nutritional plan. I know I need to look after my body physically and mentally. 

I know I only have a one in ten chance of getting in, but I’m hoping to get to a physically and mentally better in a year. This is probably going to be the biggest challenge I’ve ever undertaken.

I’m motivate to try and do this. I’m not going to see it as a failure if I don’t get in, because I’m hoping by having the mind set of that I might being doing it, is going to give me the motivation to get healthier and fitter.