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I ❤️ u in the sand with the sea.

I wrote I ❤️ u in the same and caught this beautiful photo.

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Feet in the sea

It was lovely and not too cold.

Was such a nice feeling with the sand and water on my feet.

The wind on my face.

Hearing the sea waves.

It’s was so relaxing.

beach beauty nature

What a beautiful beach.

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Seaside day.

This is a beach about 3 hours away from I live. Had a nice walk along the sea and put our feet in the sea.

I love this beach.

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If you hadn’t guessed…?

I’m going through all my photos and old blog posts that I wanted to do, and I’m just constantly doing blog posts, one because I’m in hospital and I bored and two because I want to get my posts out there.

Love this picture of the beach that I took a few days ago at the beach.

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Sunset beach.


The beach. 

Had an amazing time. Was such a lovely walk and some breath taking views. Really helped to clear my head. 

Here’s some of my favourite photos.