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Lego sea life display

How amazing is this seaside display totally made out of Lego.

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Had a Weekend away.

I went to Devon and had a really nice break. It’s a shame that I can’t have a break from my illnesses. But it was still a nice break.

The beautiful sun set.

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Day 12- Favourite place

I’m not sure where my favourite place is many places I would think have good and bad thoughts.

A beach that I use to go to regularly with family. There were some lovely times there.

There are so many waterfalls that I’ve been too are amazing and I would say they are very much on my favourite place.

Home has some securities and at times I would say it might be my favourite place, but I think the beach would be my favourite place.

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Beach, but no motorways, why? 

So this weekend I went to the beach as a passenger in a car, but you might not know the Answer to the title…

Well a few weeks ago I attempted to jump out of a car going 70mph. I had just had enough and so overwhelmed with the voices. 

Since this I have been on a motorway, especially as it was my carer driving both the time I tried to jump out and this weekend. 

I do feel a bit safer but it can change so quickly and it’s impulsive. Although it is mainly from so many things building up on me. 

Anyway it was nice to be at the beach although I was convinced there was going to be a tsunami in the U.K.