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Mum brought me dinner over.

My carer isn’t around at the moment, I’m not sure if it’s a break from me or for ever.

But I haven’t been eating well.

My mum made me dinner and brought it over social distancing of course.

Thank you mum. Xx

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Thank you NHS

Having a bit of a tough day, trying to stay in the moment, so did some colouring!

Found out my cousin who’s a paramedic has covid-19. If I’m honest I didn’t think it was going to effect my family but it has. I was naive and thought we were immune!

It turns out it will probably effect someone we know.

I really want to thank the nhs and all key workers! There are so many people coming together in this time of need thank you to all of you! Your all amazing!

We may all loose something or someone to this virus but we are all in this together!

Stay home, stay safe!

I’m here if anyone needs to talk.

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My local psychiatric hospital, and recovery college. 

Much to my suprise my local psychiatric hospital are starting a new project, called the recovery college. 

I was surprised to see some friends on Facebook had liked some of there posts. I didn’t even know they had a Facebook page. But it’s brilliant, it targets more of an audience. And the posts which are being posted are really good. Here is one of the posts. I feel this is a massive step in order to help more people and get mental health talked about. 

Also a celebrity attended the opening last week. Which I think is great for publication.