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First shopping trip since lockdown!

I did it.

The last shopping trip I made to the supermarket was in February 2020.

It was horrible and so confusing, this is when the one way systems care in and all the rules and changes. It caused a panic attack.

I hadnt been in to a shop since then.

But on Sunday. I did it. I went to a shop with support from a family member.

It was still scary but I did it. I felt so good walking out of that shop !

I got some cool things,

Blackjack ice lollies, galaxy bed sheets and an alpaca charging lead.

blogger Mental health

I went shopping!

Shopping hall!

Honestly I’m exhausted, but it was a good shopping hall!

I’m very happy with my hall.

I love it.

Do you?

I was so brave, I spoke to a lady in a shop.

And then I went and had my make up fine! I can not believe how brave I was!

I’ve brought some cbd oil, and tried it and feel great.

Has anyone tried it, what’s your opinion good or bad?

Cbd oil????

Any opinions?