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I didn’t choose chocolate! 😮

I’m trying to loose weight and be healthy.

Just went to a local supermarket and I didn’t choose chocolate. That’s not like me.

I’m actually proud of myself right now.

Hopefully the scales will thank me in a few weeks.

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Day 16. Clozapine 7.11.17

Today I’m on…

200mg clozapine

300mg quetiapine

2mg diazepam

400mg pregabline

I now only have to go in to the hospital for blood pressure checks at night.

Im so grateful that I no longer have to go to the local mental health acute day unit daily. I was getting so fed up and worked up about it.

My blood results have came back good as far as I’m aware. Which is reassuring, although I feel quite unwell. Temperature is raised and glands in my neck are up. I haven’t told no one because I do t want any stops in the medication.

I’ve been on clozapine over two weeks, and I was so worried about the side effects, the weight gain was my biggest concern. But I’ve actually been loosing weight. I am struggling to swallow, food and drink which No one knows either.

Hopefully the help will carry on. I think this was a good decision to go on to clozapine, I wish I had done it earlier.

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What’s your clozapine stories??

I start tomorrow and would love some advice or information about what to expect?

Thank you. X

You can leave a comment or message me

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Coming to the realisation I might be on medication for the rest of my life. 

I don’t want to think like this or even believe this. 

I’ve never really thought about my future, I don’t really know what I want for my life or where I want to be. 

If I wanted to have a child I would have to be off my medication, which will make me really ill. When I don’t take my medication, my voices go uncontrollable, my negative thoughts and spying thoughts come on really strong. And I just can’t keep myself safe. 

It’s scary that if I miss a days medication, it’s very noticeable to my carer, cpn, and anyone around me. 

Things change so quickly and I’m very anxious and scared. 

I don’t want to be on medication, but thinking about it if I was on medication for a physical illness, would I think the same? 

I’m in the same situation there are many illnesses if you don’t take medication you get worse, it’s the same whether it’s a physical and mental illnesses. People just don’t think like that. I’m guilty of it too. 

I’m looking at medications that I could be changed too, which will have less side effects and work better. 

Diazepam to pregabline is a change that will be making soon. I’ve been on diazepam or benzodiazepines for years, your meant to be on them maximum of a few weeks not years. 

I also want to try some of the new antipsychotic medications being introduced to the uk, that will hopefully help my symptom better, instead of having to up my quetiapine every few months, plus I’m at the highest possible dosage. 

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The change from diazepam to pregabline.

I really want to get off diazepam and on to pregabline. 

I’m worried they won’t because of my blood levels, because I have lost a lot of bood.

Spoke to my cpn today, it is a possibility to do the medication change, but it will have to be really slow because of benzodiazepine withdrawal, I really hope this isn’t just talk and I can have the medication change. 

I’m more than happy to take my iron tablets to get my hb level back up to normal, I’m also agreeing to have the blood tests to keep an eye on things. If I can have my medication changed. 
Recent update,

If the blood tests results from today are okay, when my psychiatrist gets back from leave, we are all planning  on starting pregabline and slowly decreasing diazepam. 

Do you have any advice or stories about these medications? What is pregabline like? Does it help with anxiety? 

Is weight gain a side effect? I know the internet says it is, but personally is it?