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Power games. 

All my life I’ve been brought up by parents always wanting the power, for example, my texts would always be checked, and my diary read. I had no privacy and no secrets. Until I started playing power games too. This I guess started with my anorexia. I knew it was the one thing I could control. 

Anyway this post is just to prove my sister who has had the baby, is now playing power games. I’m not allowed to take any photos of my niece. The excuse she is using is I don’t know where the photos are going. 

She also doesn’t reply to my messages about meeting up and yesterday when I asked her to her face can we meet up this week. She said ” I will consider it.” She isn’t busy and is planning on seeing other people why am I being pushed out? (Power game.) 

Why is she playing games with me? All I’ve done is try to be there for her and help her but it’s getting shoved in my face. I know my niece is going to grow up being use to these power games, I hope she will be like me and can see what her mum and Nan are doing. 

I think they are doing it towards me because I have mental illness and they don’t know what to do or say to me. I’m like an alien that they don’t want to be part of the family. 

I’m done trying. I don’t think they are very fair, but I’m old enough to not get envolved. I’m staying out of there way. If they want to be so petty so be it. I’m raising above them.