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Costa time with the sister.

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Very choppy, but I still got in.

Went for a walk with mum while I was on holiday.

We went too the sea which was a two minute walk from where we were staying in the camper.

It was so choppy. My little sister was scared of it, so I took my shoes off and went and stood by it to prove it was fine.


I got soaked, I was in my clothes. My jeans got so wet so I decided to just get in.

Not the best idea I’ve had but not the worst.

It worked though, she was laughing and no longer scared.

family Mental health Sisters


Wow my sister who I think hates me answered the phone and we had a chat feel good about that.

Progress 😘

Mental health Sisters

You made my day.

Made up, thank you for the gift you gave me. Xxx

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I’ve self harmed for years, every scar has a story and meaning. They are evidence of surviving and my life. I had this tattoo designed by scratch, the flame symbolising my brother who’s not here, and all three of my sisters chose a flower. So my arm has been changed from showing my scars and story to the love of my family

Tattoo covering my scars up.

First pic my scars… second the design…the finished tattoo.

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Photos are now allowed.

My sister wasn’t allowing me any photos with my niece but after dropping her phone down the toilet and loosing all her daughters photos from birth we are now allowed photos.

Shame she had to learn the hard way.

I guess I feel there is less tension between us all. Now that it can just be relaxed and normal.

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Day 13- What I’ve done for charity

I’ve done a fair bit for charity.

  • Cancer research run,
  • Run for children with leukaemia
  • Clic Sargent Money pot
  • Lots of events to raise money for the two main wards that treated my sister when she was 2 and had cancer,
  • Mile a month marathon for British heart foundation,
  • Sponsoring family and friend, recently sponsored a friend for chrons and colitis.
  • Joined in with school charity events, jeans for genes,
  • Brought merchandise from charity and buy things from charity shops,
  • Plan to sky dive for charity, and the London marathon.

I’m sure there’s loads more I just can’t think of them right now. These are the main ones I remember.

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 11- If I won the lottery

Gosh I’d be very shocked, and I was talking to my sister about this recently. She is 10 and we both said the first thing we would do is spilt the money to the people in our family and friends.

I would make sure I gave some to charity, family and maybe a few treats for myself.

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Why mum why?

I went over my parents to say hi, and my niece was asleep in the buggy. Dad asked me to let him know when she wakes up. Because mum was getting her hair cut in the kitchen, and dad was meant to be looking after her.

Well 10 minutes after he went outside with my cousin she woke up. My youngest sister called to dad to say she was awake but he did hear and it was a nice opportunity to spend some time with my niece.

So when she woke up and started to cry I got her out of her buggy and played with her toys in the front room. She was happy to lay there with her toys and me talking to her. But mum being mum comes in like a “hero” takes her off me and goes to “show” her off to their friend the hairdresser and our cousin.

I’m angry at this as I don’t get much time with my niece and it was quality time. And I told mum she was fine with me!

Yes I’m really angry at my mum, there was no need for it. It’s made me angry and left feeling like I need to harm.

Another point for mum making me feel worthless.

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And there off. Watching my sister go kart.

It’s a reasonably good day. It’s good weather. And I love watching my sister race. I wish I did it more.

She just got hit out but hopefully she will be okay.