Mental health

No self harm.

I did it, got through a really difficult night with no self harm.

I’m six months clean from self harm kinda and 3 months free from hospitals.

Smashing this!

Anxiety Mental health


Currently i have a candel on most of the time, there are many reasons for this. I feel safe with one on, i know if a candel is on it feeels like spiritually keeps me safe, and protected. 

It brings me warmth looking at the bright warm flame. It helps me to sooth myself and keep myself present, and not to zone out. I love the smells of them, i have many different candel and they all smell different and this is lovely, each room i go in to smells different. I feel anxious most of the time and these candels are helping me to stay in control and calm. 

I used to never put candels on and this was due to the fact of being scared of the fire alarms going off and my cats being burnt. But so far this has happened. The cats have stayed well away from the candel and no fire alarms.