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Another one spying on me!!!!

I’m really scared!

Mental health


I’m not safe anywhere. I’m being spied on!

Go away, please. I’m not going to let you take my dna! Never!

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Spyder! I’m still being spied on at my family’s home!

I’m not safe anywhere!

I’m scared every where!

I want to be safe!!

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Bugs spying on my rose plant

This was the rose plant that was in my flat, it’s 2 years old and has been growing well.

Until, I noticed these black dots.

What are They?

My theory is that they are bugs spying one me. Can you see how many there is and the fact that they were in my flat.

I can’t get away from the spies anywhere.

How did they get there?

What did they see?

What’s going on.

The voices are telling me they are spying on me still, I can’t find out where.

please leave me alone.

Stop spying.

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Trigger warning- spiders- spyders!

Today I caught a spyders

I’m. Wing spyed in my own flat!!!

I feel very scared. I need to gain control back. I will try

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Ok what’s going on?

I’m seeing spiders again.

Are they real?

What’s going on I’m scared.

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Just in case you think i have spelt spiders wrong or that you dont know what a spyder is, i will explain. 

Spyders are spiders but they are more robotic than the usual spiders you see in the uk. These ones are surveillance cameras, which carry cameras and recorders. This is so the goverment and my care team can keep a closer eye on me and try to get my dna. They thought I wouldn’t notice but i have. I also try to kill them but they are too fast or that they disappear. They are really scary, and my care team knew i was scared of spiders so it was there perfect opportunity and they are small enough to fit in to places which i cant see or reach.

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The spying in a mind map.

I hope I can make things s bit clearer about what is going on. So below is a mind map on my wipe board, in detail. But not too much detail otherwise I will give away to much information and that could be really bad.