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Security chip.

All this week I have noticed a chip in the floor out side the mental health hospital.

It’s been there all week.

So yesterday I picked it up and took it home.

I inserted it in to my arm.

The security chip tells my brain where the spies are. I’m hoping it will help me to stay away from the spies.

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Who do I turn too… literally

Turn to in person about the spying-

I wanted to call the police but is it an emergency? How would I prove it?


Turn to see who is following me. –

They kept going up and down the road that I was walking on to get home. This is real, why does no body believe me?

Anxiety Mental health spying Voices

Constant surveillance 

No where is safe, in side or out side. I feel like im always being watched. I cant see any cameras inside but i can feel they are in here. But out side they are everywhere i know people think its to keep us safe and to make sure they can catch any crimes, but in reality they are just following me and what i am up too. I bet there is a massive log of files that watch everything i m doing and everything i have done in the past. They are trying to find patterents about when i go out and where i go. As i am aware of this i am able to throw them off the course, i wont go the same way or that i wont do it at the same time that way, there is no way for them to keep an eye on me and try and predict what im going to do, so this way it makes its easier for me to get away from them and for them not to collect my dna. 

Im in control and im pleased to be able to  say this. They wont have a clue. 

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The spies have spoken. 

I saw my cpn yesterday and we talked about the spying again. She is denying any part in it. But then today on one of my social media pages, I saw a post where a person was writing about being spied on and cloned too. Then my care worker called me. It’s so odd. I need to gather all the evidence that I have. And prove it.