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I’ve gained so much weight back in two days! So upset!

I hate myself so much.

I have to loose weight! I have too!

What can u do?

I’ve tried…

  • Slimming world,
  • Diet pills,
  • Fasting,
  • Exercise,
  • lots of water,
  • Healthy eating!

But I always binge, I always gained so much, even more than where I started!

What else can I try?

I’m struggling so much.

diet Food Health healthy Mental health Weight weight loss weightloss

43 hours in to my current fast.

I feel so FAT!

I’ve lost weight but feel fatter

How long can I keep this fast up for?

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“You’ve lost weight but it’s not enough to notice!”

I’ve just been told this!

I went out with my sister and niece/ God daughter to a play group.

It was good I haven’t seen them in two weeks so she hasn’t seen me in about two weeks. I’ve lost a fair amount of weight In that time.

What I heard in my head is her saying…

“You’ve lost a little weight but your still hugh! Your fat and need to loose more.”

She didn’t say that but I guess that’s what I want to hear to fule my obsession about loosing weight it gives me an extra motivation.

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Liquid diet

I haven’t eaten in over 50 hours. After being sick from a bug, it was the perfect solution to wanting to lose weight. I think it was God sign and answer to my prayers.

I did allow myself to a home made smoothie. So I decided I will be on a liquid diet until I’ve reached a good amount of weight loss.

I’m feeling weak so not exercising as much as I should.

I’m drink plenty of fluid.

I’m keeping my medication the same.

Any advice on a liquid diet?

Haven’t really done one before.