beach beauty sea

Watching the sunset on a beach.

beach beauty Mental health sea


beach beauty Mental health

Sunset in Devon.

I love taking photos. And visiting beautiful places.

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Dinner on the beach

Sunset dinner.

Veggie burger and cheese chips on the beach.

I ate in public!

beach beauty Mental health

Had a Weekend away.

I went to Devon and had a really nice break. It’s a shame that I can’t have a break from my illnesses. But it was still a nice break.

The beautiful sun set.

31 day blog challenge beach beauty Mental health

Day 12- Favourite place

I’m not sure where my favourite place is many places I would think have good and bad thoughts.

A beach that I use to go to regularly with family. There were some lovely times there.

There are so many waterfalls that I’ve been too are amazing and I would say they are very much on my favourite place.

Home has some securities and at times I would say it might be my favourite place, but I think the beach would be my favourite place.

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Sunset beach.