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Beach time!

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Beautiful beach

We’ve arrived on holiday.

I’m with my mum, dad, youngest sister and her friend.

The journey wasn’t too bad. I’m getting on so well with them all so far.

Mental health

I opened my door

I’m on the first floor but I have doors that open, it’s so nice and fresh but I’m so scared of bugs getting in…

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Sunshine beach.

beach Mental health

Beatbeach from last weekend.

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Saturday 12th.

Went to the beach, had a nice stroll in the sun despite the picture looking really stormy (I love taking pictures) and a good chat.

Was just what I needed to get away for a day, especially after the week I've had.

I did get overwhelmed with the voices and everything that was going on in the back ground, but I was able to bring myself back, and feel grounded.

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Sun shine. 

This is tiger, who loves laying around, especially when the sun catcher is shining on him. 

My beautiful boy. 💙