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Long hard week at work!

I’m exhausted, let’s say it that way!

I have a day off tomorrow but I’ve got so much too do it doesn’t really feel like a day off.

I’ve started to get things done today since finishing work at 2:30.

I think I’m making progress and a difference to the young people I support at work.

A smile goes a long way. To them and from them.

I’m so glad to have this opportunity to make a difference to their lives!

I’ve had years of people influencing me, in a positive way it’s now my time to pay it forward!

I love my job most days but I guess everyone has those bad days!

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I Visited a therapeutic farm.

Today I visited a therapeutic farm with my support worker with the view of going there to help my anxieties, self esteem and confidence.

It was amazing, they had alpacas which were my favourite.Along with lots of other animals.

The lady showing us around was so supportive and answered my questions that were a whole A4 page.

She said that the therapy while being there will be working with the animals, grooming them, dressing them up as unicorns, (which the ponies love) reading while being with them, stroking them, cleaning up after them, walking them around the fields and also arts and crafts.

It’s truly the perfect place for me.

I hope I get the funding to go there I think I will get so much out of it.

I was going to cancel going there today because I was so anxious. I’m glad I didn’t cancel and my support worker said she would have knocked on my door, so I had to go.

I was so anxious but I DID IT!

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I can’t live with out this, but it could also kill me. 

Trigger warning:
I’m willing to take that risk. 


” you have so much to live for.”

“You can’t leave your family behind to deal with your death.”


Does anyone care about me, and how I feel. I don’t choose to be or feel like this. So unless you understand what it’s like to hear voices that want you to kill yourself and have so much anxiety you are terrified of everything, then please don’t say anything to me! You haven’t lived my life. 

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Update on support worker appointment.

She came to my home at the agreed time. Had a stoke with my cats and then sat down. She commented on liking my hair, (I’ve dyed it purple) then we just talked about a few things that have gone on. Didn’t really feel like I got much out of the appointment but hopefully in the future I will be able to leave home for a walk with her. 

anorexia Anxiety Cpn delusions depression Doctors Emotionally unstable personality disorder Emotions hallucinations Health healthy hospital Medication Mental health Mental health act Nhs Personality disorder psychiatrist Schizophrenia Sectioned self harm Support worker Therapy

Treating mental illness.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness, what treatment was offered to you?  Did you have to find your own private support, or was it available on the NHS? Was it long or good enough? Was it what you expected? 

Many of the things the NHS says they offer for most mental illnesses are,

  • TalkingTherapy, 
  • Medication,
  • Inpatient Hospital treatment,
  • Regular cpn meetings,
  • Crisis teams,
  • Day hospitals,
  • Support workers,
  • Calls,
  • Smaritains/ phone call.

What is the best, what have you been offered, were you offered anything else, did you go privately or through NHS?

What was the thing that helped you the most? Are you in to recovery and If so how did you start/reach recovery. 

Stay strong.