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Feet in the sea

It was lovely and not too cold.

Was such a nice feeling with the sand and water on my feet.

The wind on my face.

Hearing the sea waves.

It’s was so relaxing.

Mental health self harm

Tattoo time.

Last week…

Tattoo a week on…

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I’ve self harmed for years, every scar has a story and meaning. They are evidence of surviving and my life. I had this tattoo designed by scratch, the flame symbolising my brother who’s not here, and all three of my sisters chose a flower. So my arm has been changed from showing my scars and story to the love of my family

Tattoo covering my scars up.

First pic my scars… second the design…the finished tattoo.

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Friday 9th December 2016. The day!!!

So I’ve been counting down to this day because I had a tattoo booked. I was so scared and kept it a surprise to my family and friends. They love it. And most of all i love it, yes it hurt a little but it’s my 5th and biggest. I was waiting till I get to my ultimate goal weight but I’ve lost about 3 stone so, i think it was the right time. I’m still determined to keep loosing weight and I will plan another tattoo for that time. I love it. What do you think? 

Robin yesterday, and went to my brothers grave I know he was with me today, giving me the courage I needed. God voice isn’t coming in clear but I can pick up on certain words. I know they are trying to comfort or warn me.