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Contacted my support worker, and out come!

So yesterday I was struggling. I texted my support worker to tell her I was struggling. She called me when she could and we had a good chat. I have a good contection with her that I feel able to be honest.

But she said she needed to speak to someone who might be able to have a chat with me, I wasn’t too happy with that because I don’t have many good relationship with the adult mental health team.


This time was different a lady called me and we had a chat, I gave my usual answers of I’m ok, I will be fine but she continued to keep talking too me, asking the right questions so that I was able to give her some information.

In the end we had a good chat and she is calling me again today, it’s good to know I’ve got support even though currently have no care co ordinator or face to face visits because of the covid-19.

Thank you for the time and support from that member of the mental health team.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 🙏

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We reached 6,000 visitors, now to reach 10,000 views! Not far away!

Thank you everyone, that means 6,000 people have visited my blog!


I hope to be able to make a change in the views of mental health!

Together we can make a change!


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Message from previous teacher!!!! I’m shocked! 😮

My youngest sister still goes too the secondary school I used to go too, and she had parents evening last week.

My past teacher gave my mum a message to pass on to me!

This started alarm bells ringing! Thinking I had done something wrong!

But it was the opposite…….

She said to my mum…

“How’s my favourite girl doing?”


“Give her a big hug. I won’t because it would scared her.”

I used to have a massive fear of this teacher but at the same time the biggest bond!

I think the fear came from being paranoid that she was going to kill me along with a few other teachers. But now looking back I can see this was just one of my delusions from the schizophrenia.

I used to see her a a mum figure as I was able to talk to her about personal things and she understood.

I wish I could get back in touch with her, but wouldn’t know how!

If you ever come across this blog post I’d like to leave a message for you!

To one of the best teachers ever,

thank you so much for helping me get in touch with my religion again,

thank you for helping me get good grades and inspiring me to help others.

I’m sorry I was scared of you, I had no need to be.

I really wish I could see you to give you that big hug!

Best wishes.


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I had sepsis and didn’t know.

It started with left chest pain,

Then they thought it was a blood clot due to my D Dimmer blood levels being raised, so I had a blood thinning injection and sent home for a ct scan the next day.

But four hours later, I was being sick, shaking, and running a temperature over 40

I was rushed by ambulance to my nearest a&e.

My blood pressure was so low, sometimes it was so low it couldn’t be read.

I had seven litres of fluid, after 13 attempts of getting a cannula in.

Ideas on 3 antibiotics most intravenous. Through my vein.

It took a while but I slowly started to pick up. My blood pressure came back a bit more normal, and my temperature when to a normal temperature.

I was discharged three days later!

There were no indications that I knew of that I had sepsis. But I nearly died and I’m still here.

Widen your knowledge about sepsis about 40% of people with it die! I wasn’t one of them thanks to the quick work of the nhs and my family!

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1000 likes, thank you. 

Today I received 1,000 likes on my blog. To me this is amazing. 

I set up this blog up to vent and help people but my blog is so much more it’s helping me with my recovery and connecting me with people similar to me and with similar illnesses/ problems, which is an opportunity I wouldn’t have without my blog. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. 

Thank you for your support!