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A stranger gave me chocolates.

I was selling some things to a lady in social media, and she brought me chocolates to say thank you!

How kind!

There is nice people out there!

Made my day!

Thank you!

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Pj alpaca/ llamas

My mum brought these for me. I’m so great full she put in a lot of effort to buy me something I’d love.

Thank you mummy.

Mummy I love you.


Mental health

My cpn is amazing.

I saw my care co-ordinatior today, she was really please to have come second in the staff award ceremony. I nominated her and she going out, she was really grateful.

She gave me theses mints, and asking if I would be worried about her giving them to me. She is so thoughtful. I gave her a hug to show my gratification, I’m not sure if I’m meant to hug her but I don’t care, she is amazing. I’m so grateful she is involved in my care.

If you read this…. thank you.