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Anniversary of a traumatic event in 5 days!

I’m seriously scared,

Does anyone have any tips on how to survive a traumatic anniversary?

Any suggestions will be helpful.

I usually end up harming or doing something dangerous just to try and cope with the memories/flash backs!

But I need to get a grip on this, there are so many things that trigger the memories of it or flash backs.

I’m constantly having nightmares.

I had a panic attack last night due to it all becoming too overwhelming!

Help please?

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I had my appendix out 16 years ago.

I remember it so much was a very traumatic time.

My scar is pretty big.

My appendix had burst for a few days and I was being sick all the time.

My mum didn’t believe me and it was only when I begged mum to take me to the doctors.

She didn’t believe the doctor when they said how unwell I was.

Before surgery mum said to me “are you lying because they are going to cut you open!” I couldn’t believe it my own mum didn’t believe me.

The surgeon said to her after if it was a few hours later I would have died!

Only then did my mum believe me!

But I survived and I hope to make the most of that chance I’ve been given.

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Why was I admitted to an acute psychiatric hospital?

I believe it was a planed plot to get me in to hospital so that they can do what ever tests and gather information about me that they want. I feel safe and unsafe, mainly from the staff. 

I did have an incident when I was here one night, things just got too much for me, but I think that's for another blog post. 

I was just going for an outpatient crisis appointment planned meeting with my psychiatrist and community psychiatric nurse, and cousin/carer. 

I did not for one second think walking in to this hospital for normal meeting that I wouldn't be able to leave. I didn't say good bye to my cats or have there food out and plans in place. 

I was so shocked I walked from the outpatient floor to the acute psychiatric inpatient ward, with out thinking or even remembering how did I get here, I think a few days later it final set in that I was here and sectioned under the mental health act and that I wouldn't be able to leave and have no idea of when I will get out?