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Can’t believe this use to fit me.

This is a really nice dress that fitted me, it was even a bit big.

I was suffering with anorexia which is a eating disorder and one symptom is being under weight.

I’m now a lot bigger and I’m over weight. I would need a large now and that’s so embarrassing to actually tell someone. I’m really trying my best to loose weight.

I look back at pictures of when I was anorexic and I wish I had that size body again, but I don’t want all the other suffering. I was really depressed.

I put weight on due to my antipsychotic medication because I also suffer from schizophrenia, emotionally unstable personality disorder, and anxiety.

anorexia Food Health healthy Medication Mental health Over weight Overweight Weight weight gain weight loss weightloss

Please help me to loose weight.

I was over weight due to being on antipsychotic medications to treat my schizophrenia and personality disorder. This lead me to gaining a lot of weight quickly and i have in the last year lost 34.2lbs. I’m now in to the healthy weight band according to BMI charts. But i want to loose more weight.

 I would really like some one who could support and encourage me. At the moment i do exercise, and eat reasonably healthy. 

I just seem to have got to a stage where the weight is really hard to loose. 

 Please anyone help me. I am on my fitness pal, happy to be friends on there or talk through emails.

anorexia exercise Food Health healthy Mental health Over weight Overweight Weight weight gain weight loss weightloss

Days left to loose weight and my plan.

Okay so i have 71 days to loose ther weight i want too. I really wish i could say that i think i will and im trying really hard but im not, im hardly got any motivation to do anything and i really need to get moving. 

I guess ive been so obsessed with how ive been feeling with the voices and spying that it has controlled how and what ive been doing with my days. I want to loose 2 stone in this 71 days, can i do it, i dont know but im going to try my best i need to. I need to be the weight i want to. So this is the last post i am going to do sitting down today. Im going to get up and exercise and i wont come back on to here or any internet until ive exercised and lost a good amount of calories.