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Dinner buffet

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Battered mars bar

It might not look that appetising, but it was actually really nice.

I had one a long time ago when I was on holiday with one of my sisters. The other two weren’t born yet.

Dad insisted we had a battered mars bar, I didn’t like it.


I decided to try it again and being back memories of good times.

I really liked it. Only myself and my youngest sisters friend.

We all shared and tried one. But it was very nice.

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Help me loose weight, please!

Im trying really hard to loose weight I just know it’s not hard enough.

My big hurdle is going to the gym.

I’m so anxious about it, I’m not fit so get out of breath and want to stop not long after I’ve started.

I’m also worried about what others may think of me, I’m really fat. So I don’t feel comfortable with everybody staring and thinking about how fat I am!

I’m so embarrassed about myself and how I look.

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It’s not your fault your fat but it’s your responsibility to do something about it!!!!

I’ve been told this yesterday.

It really hit home that I am fat.

I let myself get like this.

I ate too much.

I drank too much alcohol.

I didn’t exercise.

I didn’t go to the gym.

I didn’t drink enough water.

I am now very fat and overweight.

It’s my responsibility to do something about it!

I need to loose this weight.

I need to be healthy.

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Alpaca cookies for my Niece. Thank

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Yummy cream egg cupcakes.

These we so yummy. Well worth the calories.

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Yes…another bubble gum I cream.