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I had my appendix out 16 years ago.

I remember it so much was a very traumatic time.

My scar is pretty big.

My appendix had burst for a few days and I was being sick all the time.

My mum didn’t believe me and it was only when I begged mum to take me to the doctors.

She didn’t believe the doctor when they said how unwell I was.

Before surgery mum said to me “are you lying because they are going to cut you open!” I couldn’t believe it my own mum didn’t believe me.

The surgeon said to her after if it was a few hours later I would have died!

Only then did my mum believe me!

But I survived and I hope to make the most of that chance I’ve been given.

Mental health

Feeling unwell.

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Clozapine trial on hold.

I was meant to be starting clozapine on Monday but my bloods are already bad.

My white blood cells are already in the amber band which mean they can go ahead until they are better.

I’ve got another blood test on Monday, I hope my white blood cells have gone up, but maybe this is all happening for a reason. And how am I suppose to get my white blood cells up.

I’m worried that they are putting my white blood cell level down to current medication (quetiapine) when there’s an underlying medical reason for why they are low and I feel unwell.

I guess what ever happens, happens.