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Beautiful waterfall I visited.

Had a long walk but it was worth If for such a beautiful waterfall.

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Wales waterfall weekend.

This was a lovely waterfall in wales. I spent my weekend there. It was so peaceful.

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Waterfall walk

5 senses from the walk to the waterfall…

Touch- walked through the waterfall

Taste- sandwich and monster much

Smell- garlic

Hear- dog barking

Sight- a naked Frenchman

It was a lovely walk and waterfall, but I got more than I bargained from the naked man.

Mental health

Weekend break.

I’m in Wales, had s lovely time sightseeing.

It was really needed break.

Shame you can have a break from mental illness, something my doctor gets confused with, he says “you went on holiday why do you still believe your being spied on?”

It’s difficult for people to understand what they can’t see.