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Swimming as a fat whale!!!

I’m huge, u hate me weight…..

Does anyone want to diet with me, motivate each other with healthy diets and exercises…….

I need motivation…HELP ME!

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I’m disgusting, I’ve put loads of weight on! 

I hate myself so much right now! 

I don’t deserve to get anything that I wanted, or had planned too. So that food shop I was planning is not going to happen. 

I need to be punished for this weight gain. I need to tell myself it’s not acceptable. I deserve to suffer, I need to exercise as much as I can, and not eat! 

I do not deserve the luxury of food, I’ve got enough fat on my body to survive for years. 

I’m so angry at myself, I really can’t think of where the weight had come from. I don’t go to the toilet regularly, which could contribute a bit, I wouldn’t say it’s water weight as I didn’t drink water yesterday.  Is it because of my medication being upped, is it not enough exercise, I need answers?

I’m so angry and annoyed I need to be punished. I will make sure I get the pain I deserve. 


I know my weight is horrible! Help me loose weight, please? 

anorexia Food Health healthy Medication Mental health Over weight Overweight Weight weight gain weight loss weightloss

Please help me to loose weight.

I was over weight due to being on antipsychotic medications to treat my schizophrenia and personality disorder. This lead me to gaining a lot of weight quickly and i have in the last year lost 34.2lbs. I’m now in to the healthy weight band according to BMI charts. But i want to loose more weight.

 I would really like some one who could support and encourage me. At the moment i do exercise, and eat reasonably healthy. 

I just seem to have got to a stage where the weight is really hard to loose. 

 Please anyone help me. I am on my fitness pal, happy to be friends on there or talk through emails.