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Will I gain weight? What I have in place to not gaining weight.

I’m really anxious that I’m going to gain weight. I have already gained some weight and back up to 145pounds.

I’m very upset about this but I know what I need to do.

It could be medication related but I want to try and beat it, so I can continue to loose weight.

I’m being started in clozapine/ clozaril which every webpage says makes you gain weight.

I’ve got to fight against this. So what am I going to do to help myself loose weight….

  • Drink water,
  • Exercise the gym and home,
  • 10,000 steps,
  • Green tea,
  • Not much sugary foods,
  • Control calorie in take,
  • Always burn more than I eat,
  • Keep adding my consumption to MyFitnessPal and paper journal,
  • Push myself to stick to all above.
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Current weight loss progress.

I know I’m still fat, but I’m on my weight loss journey. 

I started at 12:12 stone and I’m now 9:8 stone. So I’ve lost all that weight in half a year. I’m not finished yet! 

I’ve got goals that I want to achieve. I will achieve them. I’m going to let myself eat this easter weekend, but I’m still going to do my steps and exercise. 

I’m still going too loose this weight/fat. 

My transformation. 

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My personal weight loss challenge.

People are starting to notice Ive lost weight which is great because I’ve lost 2 stone. But the next two weeks I’m going to really push myself, I can do it. The plan is to loose 7ilbs in 12 days, that’s half a stone in under two weeks, any advice on how Too? I’ve worked out that means I need to burn 6000 kcal more than I eat every two days, impossible? Maybe but I’m going to give it the best shot I have. Ive been motivated a little today but maybe not as much as I was hoping. I guess I’m just thinking it will happen but it won’t unless I put the work in. 

Today was day one and it was a good start, I did fancy some bad foods but I denied myself them. Strong willed. I will loose this weight. I’ve had three hot drinks today, I actually enjoyed them and felt good after drinking them, yes they were low kcal. I did have the urge to burn myself with it, but bravely chose to drink it instead. 

Tomorrow’s plan, try not to sit down, try to keep as busy as possible. I can do it. Try to finish everything on the list of things I need to do. That’s two challenges. To keep very active and finish off todo list. 

Mondays plan is to attempt to go to the gym, and stay there as long as physically possible. I have it all set up. Then the plan is to go to the gym everyday for as long as possible but going to aim for it to be a week. 

I’m planning on doing an exercise routine that I will do everyday at least once, I’ve got to work out what to add too it. I would like some stretching and some that gets my heart beating faster.

So I will keep you posted on progress but I’m aiming that the 1st of December I will be at my first goal, of down 7lbs.