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I’m disgusting, I’ve put loads of weight on! 

I hate myself so much right now! 

I don’t deserve to get anything that I wanted, or had planned too. So that food shop I was planning is not going to happen. 

I need to be punished for this weight gain. I need to tell myself it’s not acceptable. I deserve to suffer, I need to exercise as much as I can, and not eat! 

I do not deserve the luxury of food, I’ve got enough fat on my body to survive for years. 

I’m so angry at myself, I really can’t think of where the weight had come from. I don’t go to the toilet regularly, which could contribute a bit, I wouldn’t say it’s water weight as I didn’t drink water yesterday.  Is it because of my medication being upped, is it not enough exercise, I need answers?

I’m so angry and annoyed I need to be punished. I will make sure I get the pain I deserve. 


I know my weight is horrible! Help me loose weight, please? 

Mental health

20 lbs to loose.

I need to loose 20 pounds. I can do it I know I can. I might need some motivation, and some pushing, but I will reach my goal weight. 

I was meant to start yesterday but it didn’t go to plan, I’m not going to wait a whole week to start again on Monday, im going to start today, on Tuesday. 

Yesterday was a practice day.

So lots of water,

Limited snout of food

Lots of exercise,

You can do it stick to your goals.