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Work update!

I’m so pleased to be writing this blog post, I’ve gone from 6 years of so much struggling with my mental health to job in full time work!

I did my first full week of work and it was amazing. I’ve learnt so much,

I’ve done epilepsy training and safeguarding training, also lots of e training!

I’ve met the younge people and they are so lovely,

I’m a residential support worker for children with autism. And I’m so proud i got to this stage in my life to help others.

I will be doing other blog posts about…

  • Benifits to work,
  • Mental health management,
  • Dealing with your mental health team,
  • Stress management,
  • List of things I do before going to work and what’s in my bag,
  • Dealing with colleagues,
  • Scars and working,
  • There are no limits to your future!
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So exciting, but worrying…

I’m worried because…

My work experience don’t keep records of work experience, so that will be a problem.

In case they can’t get hold of my references.

I don’t have a copy of my old contracts because I wasn’t given one.

I’m worried in case they cant use my driving licence that is out of date on the CRB check?

Does anyone know if you can?

I really hope I get this job, I think it’s the biggest step in my life and I need to stay positive!

It’s a positive Steph that I received this letter this morning!

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🎉 Massive update! 🎉

Monday I got call asking if I would got to a job interview for Tuesday! (The next day) I only sent in the application on the Saturday!

I was so scared it was my first interview in six years!

My first proper interview!

As I was walking in to the interview it started to snowing, it was touching my face and I knew it was a sign from heaven!

I was really anxious!

But guess what I did it!

They verbally offered me the job!

I accepted!

I’m waiting for an email to confirm it!

I’ve got a job!

I’m so proud of myself. For the first time in my life, I’m proud I me!

Mental illness can not stop you carrying out your dreams! You may believe it does.

I believed it did but it doesn’t. You are in control, put in all the hard work and you can reach your dreams!

Dreams do come true!

Mental illness is not a barrier it is just a hill you have to climb up and over to reach the other side!

I’m not going to lie it’s really difficult but YOU CAN DO IT!

I believe in you!

I’m always here to talk to.

This blog has always been about my journey and recovery but I never ever believed I would get to the stage in my life where I’m able to start living not just surviving!

Life is worth it, you are worth it!

Mental illness does not stop you being who you want to be or reaching your dreams!

It’s all a journey!

🎉 Time to celebrate! 🎉

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Aim and goal in life…

I don’t have one right now. I use to and it changes all the time.

 I used to be certain I was going to do my gcse, then alevels, and then go to uni and become a midwife. 

These dreams all changed when I was diagnosed with mental health illnesses. I have been in and out of hospitals, and on so many different medications that, that has controlled my life and plans. 

I’m trying to get better, which will mean I can start to have these dreams and the dream life. 

I’m ready to continue to fight for my goals and aims in life. Stay strong. Believe in yourself and you will get there. Best wishes.