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🧘‍♀️ Yoga Tuesday. 🧘‍♀️

I did it, I feel exhausted and confused but I did it. It went ok.

I got quite dizzy and after I’ve slept a few hours after, but it was good to do something for me and something that’s different.

We focused on something that was positive, even if the moves we were doing were hurting, I found that quite difficult to focus on something positive and that made us happy, but I saw a butterfly in the garden and that helped to think a bit more positively.


Mental health mental health blogger

First yoga class

It was so relaxing!

I was so anxious at first, but once I got in to it it was really relaxing! I go really tired and exhausted but at least I went, I definitely want to go again. I plan to next week.

I’m currently at creative writing, waiting for it to start.

Have a drink while waiting for it to start.

I feel so exhausted at the moment. Wish I could sleep, but can’t.

I think I’m starting to go down and that scares me. I’ve been on a up ward climb for a few weeks and now I think I’m filling cracking!

I’m exhausted, eating so much, gaining all the weight I lost, hardly getting any decent sleep, anxious, and getting really frustrated.

This is such a rollercoaster ride, mental illness is exhausting!